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Kooikercamp is a camp for all owners of the wonderful breed Nederlandse kooikerhondje. The first camp took place in June 2012 in Sälen and the fifth camp is planned to take place around the same time in 2016! In whatever case, this is the site where you keep track of everything that has to do with kooikercamp!

Kooikercamp is created by kooikerowners for kooikerowners, without any influence from either breedclubs or other clubs. The camp is there for everyone who in one way or an other is active within or with the breed. Kooikercamp is a free of charge camp but everyone helps out to make the camp a  pleasant and memorable experience each year! Living, food, transportation etc. is up to the participants to arrange and pay for themselves. Various activities such as agility, searching, rally-obedience, tracking and lectures are on the schedule and not to say the least, a lot of chit chatting, connections and delectable hikes in the summery mountains. Every person who can think of helping out and come with suggestions for the camp, is more than welcome to do so! The camp is dependant of voluntary and helpful souls, as we do not have any official, responsible  organiser.


For more information about next kooikercamp, visit Kooikercamp 2016 or News. Do you need to get in contact with someone, visit Contact.



Foto: Nathalie Stärner


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